About Us

Our team is made up of all Qualified and Licenced tradesmen, which are all leaders in their fields, they consist of a certified and licenced bathroom Renovator, licenced tiler, licenced carpenter, licenced water proofer and so on. This sets us apart from many of our competitors as we ONLY provide services that are Granted and Licenced to do so.

Our Customers

As to all our customers we ONLY provide the best of customer service as we know you are NOT a number but a Friend.
• Making sure your satisfaction comes first.
• Adhering to your specific needs Before, During and After.
• Scheduling and working in a timely manner.
• Working together to reduce costs.
Our Extensive list of clients and their support to us has been what keeps us moving forward As they are our true spokes people, which they are more than happy to put them self’s out there and provide amazing testimony to our work.

Our Services

We provide you with affordable prices to help you get the highest quality bathroom renovation services for the budget your working with. To take advantage of our high standards of installation, quality designs and first class service, please contact us for further information and get a

free quote today!